Guide to fashion shopping areas in London



ondon has several commercial areas and shopping streets, many of which have their specialties. Shopping experience in London is exciting and comes in different variations: luxury goods in Mayfair, Apple store in Regent Street, large shopping malls like Stratford in Westfield and the famous London department stores like Harrods. You can easily spend an hour or a full day in London stores.

If you are planning to travel to London for your next shopping, these nine shopping areas are among the best to be found, each with a unique touch at the fashion table. Read our guide to the best fashion shopping streets in London.

1. Regent Street and Jermyn Street

For men’s clothes, go down Jermyn Street. It is located in the fashionable and historic district of St. James, in London. These men’s shops include tailors, shirts and suppliers of the best leather goods. Find the perfect gift for your man or give yourself a nice shirt in any of the shop located in the area.

Regent Street has the oldest and the most famous shops in the city and offers a wide range of fashion shops at half price, including Liberty and The Apple Store. The nearby historic Jermyn Street is renowned for its menswear shops and is so typically British that it is enough to bring out the old-fashioned men! Jermyn Street is mainly known for its bespoke shirt makers, such as Benson & Clegg, and its shoe stores, including John Lobb.

2. Covent Garden

Whether you want trendy fashion, unique gifts, rare treats or unique handmade jewelry, Covent Garden is a great place to explore. Stock up on urban streetwear, trendy cosmetics, and shoes on Neal Street, discover the artistic art craftsmanship of the Covent Garden market or just shop windows. Do not miss Floral Street, Monmouth Street, St. Martin’s Court, Shorts Gardens, Seven Dials and the gracious Neal’s Yard for a glimpse of London’s most distinctive shopping district.

The jubilee market changes during the week. You can find antiques, clothes, housewares, and handicrafts, depending on the day.  Apple Market focuses on works of art, antiques, accessories, fashion and household items.

3. Oxford Street

Oxford is one of the busiest streets in London, if not the most crowded, and this is due to the variety of shops this street offers. Oxford Street is considered the heart of the city’s shopping, with over 300 shops and stores and an assortment of choice by British and international designers. One of London’s favorites is Selfridges where fashion, furniture, and food are available for purchase. It’s continually evolving, controversial and somewhat bizarre display cases are sometimes one of the major attractions of this department store. It also houses several famous department stores such as John Lewis and Debenhams, scattered throughout every imaginable street chain.

4. Westfield

Westfield has two large shopping centers in London, White City, and Stratford. Westfield London is home to many of the most popular, including Debenhams, Next, Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser, as well as luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, All Saints, and Ted Baker. There is also a cinema, a gym, several bars and restaurants, all under one roof! If you love shopping malls, do not miss Westfield Stratford City in East London, which has about 250 stores and 70 restaurants, making it one of the largest shopping centers in Europe.

5. Carnaby Street

Cradle of the cultural and fashion revolution of the 1960s, the 13 streets of Carnaby, located between Oxford Street and Regent Street, includes more than 100 brands and 60 restaurants, bars, cafes, and pubs. Carnaby Street was the theme of the region during the swing of the 1960s. It is the birthplace of the “mod” movement, a modernist movement of British teenagers who wanted to break with their parents and their tradition. They wore bolder styles and listened to some prominent rock music. Today, he still has advanced clothing styles. There are many shops, bars, and restaurants in this area. You can buy urban clothes or a vintage outfit and relax with dinner and a drink.

6. Bond Street and Mayfair

Whether you want to indulge in the most exquisite designer clothing or love the luxury shop windows, Bond Street and Mayfair are perfect venues for extravagant sales therapy. Popular among celebrities in a frenzy, it’s probably the most exclusive shopping area in London, home to big names such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co. Near South Molton Street, you’ll find the iconic Browns fashion.

7. Camden

Camden is the ideal shopping destination for alternative clothing lovers. Here you will find some of the unique shops in London. Get off the subway to Camden Town, drive along Camden High Street and discover many shops selling trendy clothes and old punks, as well as tattoo and piercing salons. Later, the Camden Lock market has it all, whether you’re looking for a perfect birthday present or a souvenir, from handmade jewelry to vintage leather bags.

8. Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is another well-known shopping district and one of the most beautiful and attractive parts of central London. Some argue that it comes right after Oxford Street. Harrods is a local shop popular with tourists. This famous British store offers a wide range of luxury goods and daily use on seven floors spread over 4.5 hectares. It is likely that what you are looking for, you will find it and much more here. Since Harrods attracts millions of tourists every year, locals prefer to shop at Harvey Nichols, a store that sells chic and elegant retail brands that offer all your favorite designers.

9. Canary Wharf

The elegant and modern Canary Wharf, located in London’s Docklands, is home to many large British companies but is also an excellent shopping destination, open seven days a week. Canary Wharf Shopping has more than 120 stores in five shopping centers located around Canada Square, with all the major chain stores and a good selection of designer stores. Look for big names like Oasis and Zara, as well as the underwear brand Myla and the luxurious Jo Malone perfume shop. As long as lunchtime is avoided during the week, it’s one of London’s most relaxed shopping experiences.

A walk through these beautiful streets or one of these exclusive shops offers you a glimpse of the best fashion shopping in London every real customer can appreciate and show at home


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